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Back in action...

Posted By ColeyB on Jan 29, 2010 at 11:19AM

Well... I'm back! It's been forever, I know, but I got a neat little netbook. Actually, my bf bought it for me ;)... now I can take it with me anywhere to blog. I haven't been doing any Brikham yoga lately but I did get a gym membership to LA Fitness. My bf and I went last night together... he thought it'd be a good idea to train me and do his leg workout... let me just tell you, i can't walk! My butt is sore and my legs feel they got beat on all night... But! i feel good.

i am really, really dedicated to becoming the fittest me. Although, i have eaten some of the best cookies ever the past couple days, i balance that out with salads and lots of fruit to snack on. I actually did that test at the gym last night to test my body fat %... amazingly, it was only 17%!! I was pleasantly surprised. My goal is to down to 12 by summer... not sure if i can do that but I'm going to try as hard as i can.

the results are really where the motivation is. i am always really anxious to go to the gym. i just feel like someone will be laughing at me. but i realized that's so stupid of me. who really cares enough to pay that much attention to me? yeah, i woke up and snapped out of that thought and finally signed up. and the part that will always make you feel better, is that there are always people way worse than yourself.

If you haven't done it yet, get out that and make 2010 your year. There is literally no reason not to! If you're unhappy, take it out on the punching bags; if you're happy, join in on a dance class and share that positive energy with the rest of us!



How often do you buy supplements, vitamins, or protein products from a nutrition store?

Posted By ColeyB on Jan 28, 2010 at 10:59AM

This refers to nutrition store such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Smoothie King, etc...

Nutrition Ballot

Posted By ColeyB on Jan 28, 2010 at 10:29AM

Hi fit people!! I am working on starting up my own nutrition shop... If you have time, will take the Nutrition Ballot so I can get a good ideas on some topics? Thanks everyone!!!! :)

Winter coat...

Posted By ColeyB on Nov 11, 2009 at 6:10AM

If only I were referring to the ever so stylish wool pea coat, but no, I mean that terrible winter weight that starts to take over this time of year. Beginning with Halloween and, what seems like impossible to escape, candy. This is without a doubt my favorite time of year, but also the worst for fitness. There are no excuses for the weather. In home work outs are great with either the latest game from Wii or any video, no excuses.

With the holidays the the change in whether, don't you just want to snuggle up at home? Or watch the new fall shows while waiting for that delicious home cooking to be ready to eat, along with the festive seasonal dessert? I do... But I am telling myself "No". I am not going to spend the holidays complaining about what I have complete control of. It's okay if I'm not spending every free moment sweating out every calorie I can. Just remember, moderation is most important. Portion control is what controls your waistline.

Keep yourself motivated and don't fall off the wagon just to jump on the holiday food tray.

Get expert advice from Keri Glassman!

Posted By keriglassman on Oct 27, 2009 at 10:22AM

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Where's my mojo?

Posted By ColeyB on Oct 26, 2009 at 6:32AM

Fall (Sigh)... the time for cold whether and more clothes. My favorite fashion time is fall. I love getting new boots and jackets and scarves and being all bundled up outside with the crisp air blowing. But once fall comes around, I also love being cozied up at home. Thus, less time outside enjoying summer activities.

I'm not trying to make any excuses for not working out since I do have a treadmill and videos. However, my motivation seems to want to hibernate. I was kicking my own butt there for a while. I was happy with myself and my bikini body but over the past 2 weeks or so, the pumpkin muffins, and comfort food has been a big distraction for me. And to make it even worse, it's cold season! I was sick for over a week and don't think I really had an ounce of strength to put into a work out; I barely made it out of bed and to work.

With Halloween just days away, I need some major motivation to kick my butt into gear. Otherwise, that outift i'm suppose to wear is goign to look more like a joke rather than soemthing cute and sexy.

Where's my motivation? The model on the cover of the bag wearing  my costume seems to what I'm SUPPOSE to look like. I think i just might have to make a copy of it and hang it in front of my treadmill, and on the fridge.

The Latte Factor

Posted By ColeyB on Oct 19, 2009 at 7:45AM

Ahh...fall. The kick off to the holiday season. Fall brings football games, Halloween, sweaters, and of course pumpkins. My personal fall kick off is the Pumpkin Latte. I get this obsession with pumpkins as soon as fall starts. Pumpkin everything! Unfortunately, even if the great pumpkin debate confirms it to be a vegetable or a fruit, that still does not mean it's healthy. I finished my week last week with 2 pumpkin lattes. D-Lish!! When stopping at Dunkin Donuts, I apparently didn't think a 300 calorie pumpkin latte was enough; I had to opt for the frosted pumpkin muffin as well. I will say this honestly: I was in heaven. I did not want my pumpkin feast to end. I ate every crumb of the muffin and drank every drop of the latte. And it was worth it...

The guilt factor doens't weigh as much this time of year. Allow yourself a fall treat. Enjoy a pumpkin latte. Give yourself a deserving treat every so often, just remember do so in moderation. I may have gone overboard w/my pumpkin consumption this weekend but now I just know how much harder I need to push and discipline myself this week to make up for it.

Enjoy the seasons and reward yourself for your hard work!! 

Beach body

Posted By ColeyB on Oct 7, 2009 at 9:31AM

Saturday was the first day I've been to the beach in months, and with all my girlfriends too. I was a little nervous because they are all so tiny and have bodies like 18 year olds (we're all 24, 25 ), a few of them have boob jobs as well which can also add a little be of inadequacy to your thoughts. So I met up with them and realized that none of us are tiny teenagers anymore and we all have flaws. One of my friends, who is brutally honest and sometimes the truth really does hurt, but she said I looked great was crazy for thinking negatively. I wasn't fishing for compliments in any way, but sometimes you really need one to shut that little insecure voice in your head.

Ice cream...now i'm screaming!

Posted By ColeyB on Sep 9, 2009 at 6:02AM

What a nice 4-day weekend I had only to spend it eating. After my ice cream binge this Labor day which included an entire pint of raspberry sorbet, one ice cream sandwich, a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough, BR waffle cone w/ double scoop of rainbow sherbet, I am now screaming at myself for being so weak. I allowed myself to use the excuse of it being my reward for all the hard labor I do daily, but now I realize I have even more labor to put into on the treadmill.

I made an attempt to hop back on the treadmill last night and did a decent 20 minute jog, just enough to get a good sweat, all the while hearing the sound of a mooing Skinny Cow in my freezer... "Just keep going", I told myself. Surprisingly, I was strong enough to resist the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich... but I did give into 2 chocolate chip cookies. At least that's the last of those now though...

Everything counts...

Posted By ColeyB on Sep 3, 2009 at 6:02AM

I have to admit, I'm proud of myself. Everything counts, even if you only exercise for 15 minutes.. I jogged at different paces on my treadmill last night for 20 mins, then I did 40 minutes of my new yoga video. Even though I didn't sweat my butt off or break my back, I still feel better, my body feels better.

Even a 20 minute jog or a brisk walk, will make your body happy. Keep it up!!

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